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Finally it was time to pick it up and I started with my next nice experience in life and that was going to fly. Its a boys dreams and they are to be followed. On this site I want to keep track of things and as I just became an owner of some GPS equipment it made it nice to place tracks and maps of nice and interesting flights. I will also try to place other info here as my training will progress. I did a few flights at Teuge and now I am still doubting what course to follow. For orientation I also flew with a HAM colleague and we went to Lelystad

Nice flights with GPS tracking until now :
  1. 28 July 2001 in on of these Aircraft

Pictures stories and more info will follow on this site and this is just a start of hopefully a nice log of a starting aviator. Keep visiting if you like to see the progress. Links will be opened in a new screen and this main screen will stay open so you will need to swap screens.

A couple of links that might be nice to follow :

As taking the courses in the Netherlands would take me to long I was looking for an option abroard and found some. Also it would be a bit of a holliday as my real last one is a while ago. I did quite some business trips but thats different. So ok after doing some research I booked my lessons and the flight over. I selected a school in the US UKFT and with them I will give it a try. Also looked at info from others but I had to make a choice and depending on that I ended up here. I will make some links to the other options I looked at and you can see. On the second of October 2001 I flew out to Long Beach and after the flying its time to tramp around a bit. Luckely I had quite some hollidays left (about 75 auch). This will eat up about 45 of them. But hey next year if all goes well another 25 will be added.

Schools I looked at for JAR training

Unforunately the Aussie schools do not provide JAR trainings but good maybe to have a look ever as Aussie land is a good place and Perth is great.
I will keep on tracking the progress on my schooling and provide info to see how all goes. The books are ordered from the UK (23 Oct 01) and should come in soon so I can have a month of pre studying as I have not much theoreticaly done yet.

If you have plans of your own please let me know I will try to set up a small forum here also so people can discuss their experience and make their own choice easier. I know it was hard to find good info on this item and this maybe is a little help. Just keep on visiting and send me your info if you have any. A good but Dutch only forum can be found here have a look and you might find what you are looking for. I am sure more international forums are available on the net.

The books arrived on the 5th of September and I started reading through the books. Its quite a bit and I will have to do quite some work to get into this reading. But I have some time so I hope I can pick up as much as possible.

Due to the dramatic happenings in Ney York (11 Sept 2001) I have to see if this will effect my training also. As this changed the world quite a bit I have to see if the next weeks the sitation will change in such a way that it will effect my future plans.

Today the 16 of September added a simple forum to see if this will help me an others in their goal. I am not yet sure if this Forum will stay into place it could change in future to another more sophisticated one. If that happend data will be migrated. Please warn me if there are any error that I have overseen.

I arrived back in the Netherlands on the 30 Nov with my PPL papers so now its just a matter of getting them converted in the UK and get my PPL license. Just to celibrate listen to this song although I hope towers are more kind to me. And maybe in a few years time I can start doing this.... Yeah keep on dreamimg. A small logbook that I kept of my flying experience and travel log afterwards can be found here. The pictures are scanned now and there are two places where you can see them. Either you can view the thumbnails or you can view them in a nice slideshow that you can adjust to automaticaly follow my trip. Later on the travel log will get the appropiate pictures placed on the right dates. There are not that many pictures of the flying as the main concern was getting my license. Most pictures are from the trip from highway 101 from San Diego upto Seattle.

A list of things to get your PPL are listed under here just to get an idea on how and what to do to get once PPL license.

On the 28 of december 2001 I got the papers back from the UK so now I hold my license and its time to find a club where I will start flying from. I have two options in mind and will see what would be the best for me. Cool now I can start the fun.. Also starting to look into building an online logbook for pilots to keep track of their flying. As there is no service yet of this kind its time to introduce this. I will keep you all posted on this development.

To also get a FAA license you have an easy way of flying in the US and US registered planes one can request this at the FAA but it needs to be presented to a FAA inspector in person. You will need your valid JAR license (or CAA) with a pasport and a filled in 8710.1 form to get the FAA license.

Since a while I am a member of the Dutch Eindhoven Flight Club called EACm. At this club I am flying their C172 PH-DKF. I have not that many hours yet but I am working on that. This last year (2002) I have been flying in Australia (Sydney Melbourne and allong the coast line between these two cities) this was a great experience for me. Also it gave me a chance to fly a warrior that flies a bit different than the C172. Next time I need to schedule a bit more time for this fun. Some pictures can be found here. Flying over Sydney is a must for every one that holds a license.

More information about Eindhoven weather can be found following this link. It only holds Eindhoven EHEH as option. Some details about the weather forecasts please use this link although its Dutch only ! For a selection of Airports use this link. More detailed stats of the weather in Long Beach USA where I learned to fly you can find here.

At 19 January 2003 together with some others from the EACm club at Endhoven we did a spin training at Teugen. This was a great experience and loads of fun although I have to admit drinking cola and a heavy soup is not a wise thing to do (found that out after a second unplanned trip in the afternoon. Some pics are to be found here thanks to Peter who brought his digital cam !

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