Pilot's Logbook wishes

For a to be build logbook web interface I am seting up the wishes and structure.
To build it I will use an example from Jeppesen. It will be extended by things mentioned below.

Personal info :

User Name20 Chars [string]
User Password20 Chars [string]
Date of BirthDate field
Country2 Chars [string selection]
User Email40 Chars [string]
License Type Multiple selection APPL PPL CPL RPL etc etc
FAA Medical date of expirationDate field
JAA Medical date of expirationDate field
License date of expirationDate field
Date typePreferred date type US EU etc
Fields database shownBoolean
AutomailExperation warning mailer [boolean]
Lines per pageNumber
Ok for passengersBoolean plus number
Enough flights for licenseBoolean plus number
Auto EmailWeekly/monthly/yearly email with all info
ShareShare info with others

Access will only be available after a password is send to a valid email address. Password will be generated and needs to be changed after confirmation visit logbook?id=blablabla.
Daily checks on experation of any items. If remember option set email will be send with apropiate info.
Preferences check on valid dates of experation etc (not a too long time if filled)

Fields to enter :

Route of flightAircraft CategoryConditions of flightType of piloting time
DateAircraft typeAircraft IdentfromtoRemarks/EndorsmentsNr T/O DNr LDG DNr T/O NNr LDG NSingle Engine LandMulti Engine LandNightInstrumentHoodSimulatorCross CountryInstructorDual ReceivedPICTotal time hh:ddTotal time hh:mm
02-01-2002C-172NN94504LGBPSPCross Country22002.80.0 2.48
14-01-2002C-152NPH-ALCTeugeLelystadCross Country110010.0 0.00.011 1

Just mail me if you have more add ons.