Requirements and Exam.


Minimum Flight Time: 45 Hours
Minimum Solo Time: 10 Hours
Minimum Solo Cross Country Time: 5 Hours
Minimum Dual Instrument Time: 4 Hours
Minimum Dual Cross Country Time: 5 Hours
Minimum Dual Stall Spin Awereness Exercise Time: 2 Hours
Qualifying Cross Country Certificate:Present to Examiner
You must have completed the presolo Quiz
Familliar with sections 3 and 4 of the POH
Familliar with US Airspace System

Your skill test will consist of navigation and general handeling.

You must be proficient in the following maneuvers:
  1. Straight and level flight : + or - 100 feet
  2. Climbing + or - 5 kts on Vy
  3. Glide descent + or - 5 kts
  4. 30° Medium bank turns + or - 100 feet
  5. 45° Steep turns + or - 100 feet
  6. Stall recovery from :
  7. Basic instrument flying: Climbing, descents, straight and level, climbing and descending turns.
  8. Unusual attitude recovery from a gentle dive
  9. Emergency landing procedures. Be familiar with ABCDE check and POH procedures
  10. Cicuit work: You should be able to land safely on the numbers with flap 0° 20° and 30° and short field take offs and landings
  11. Go around procedures
  12. Proper use of radio communications
  13. Use and knowledge of VOR
Use of the checks and performing them at the right times is also a requirement.


You will be given a cross country route to plan 2 hours before your flight. You are expected tp obtain weather and plan your route. You need to keep track of your time and all boxes apart from the actual G/S must be filled in. Once you have demonstrated your ability to navigate, the nav test will then move on to the diversion.

Diversion : You will need to circle over a land mark, plot a new course and work out a heading and ETE for your new destination. Your ETA has to be + or - 5 mins.


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