Trip Calculator (Java Applet)

This Java applet is a very powerful tool for calculating a variety of information related to a trip in an automobile; such as: fuel consumption, cost, timing, distance, and more.

Java Powered The Automobile Trip Calculator(tm) is very easy to use. Simply enter the information you know in the appropriate input fields, and press [Enter] to perform the calculation, and the answers appear in red.

This calculator has many built in formulas it goes through to determine unknown values. Also, the given values are cross checked to make sure all the information is consistent: for example, distance must equal the time enroute times the average speed. If values do not make sense, a 'consistency error' is shown.

Input Fields

Distance: Distance of the trip displayed in the selected units.
ETE time: Estimated Time Enroute. Calculations to obtain this value are based on Distance/AvgSpeed. Values are to be entered with hours:minutes and optional :seconds; e.g.; 1:45 or 1:45:00.


Calculate Select this button to perform a calculation based on the 'given' (black) values. All currently calculated (red) values are cleared for the new set of calculated values. If any 'given' values are not formed correctly, an appropriate error message is shown and input focus is given to the erred value. You can also call 'Calculate' by pressing [Enter] when input focus is on any input field.
Units Changes the Distance, Speed, Volume, and Rate units. Cylces between English, Metric, and Nautical units. This button also causes a calculation to be performed.

Trip Calculator
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